Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings is critical in today’s market. Commercial buildings spend an average of 40% of their energy costs on heating, cooling, and ventilation. For a regular office building, that accounts for nearly 8% of your yearly operating expenses. That’s a lot, but when you take steps to make these processes more sustainable, you can bring it down. One way to do this is by energy efficient commercial buildings. These types of buildings are designed to use less energy for heating, cooling, and ventilation.


In some cases, energy efficient commercial buildings can use up to 50% less energy than traditional buildings. This can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Not only will you save money on energy costs, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment. Energy efficient commercial buildings are a win-win for everyone involved.

By investing in energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, you can realize significant advantages that go beyond improved operating costs alone. When indoor comfort and air quality result from reliable systems, your building tenants have a positive experience that can keep them in business and, by extension, keep your cash flow strong. In fact, one study showed that for every dollar you invest in energy efficiency, you’ll see a return of $4 in increased productivity. So not only will energy-efficient solutions save you money on operating costs, they’ll also make your tenants happy and help to boost your bottom line.


  • A greater return on investment: When you install energy-efficient equipment, you’ll see a return on your investment in the property a lot more quickly. Thanks to reduced energy consumption, operating costs will be a lot lower while the value of your building goes up thanks to happy and loyal tenants.
  • Attract more tenants: The marketing potential of an eco-friendly commercial property can’t be underestimated. It will be more attractive to a wider audience. Certain types of businesses, like groceries and restaurants, rely on steady climate control to keep products fresh and shoppers comfortable. Knowing that their operating needs won’t make their rent skyrocket will encourage them to lease space in your building.
  • Maintain a healthier indoor environment: Energy-efficient buildings are conducive to good health. A combination of high-performance heating and cooling solutions with reinforced doors and windows and good insulation can help control and potentially prevent weather-related conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, colds, and the flu.
  • Enjoy the reputation of being environmentally responsible: When you embrace energy-efficient strategies, your property will appeal more to tenants who value doing business in a sustainable environment.
  • Realize a cost savings on equipment purchases: You can take advantage of government grants and incentives to help cover the equipment cost. 

When you’re looking for new equipment or want to upgrade your current system, it’s important to deal with a company with a reputation for superior and sustainable products. At MDL Solutions, our heating and cooling products strike the perfect balance between indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Below is an overview of three options that can make a positive difference in your building’s carbon footprint and operating costs.

  • MDL Verano Trench Heater: Our Verano trench heater delivers superior thermal comfort while cutting building energy costs, making it easier for a commercial building to meet LEED’s exacting standards. The heating element is concealed in a trench beneath the floor and covered with a grille. When activated, the warm air currents heat your indoor spaces evenly, so there are no cold areas.
  • MDL Verano Wall Radiator: If your commercial building design doesn’t support trench heating or floor-mounted heaters, the MDL Verano wall radiator offers an efficient alternative to a gas-fuelled central heating system. It is designed to react quickly to the changing temperature demands of a room, ensuring tenant comfort at all times without taking a toll on your energy bill.
  • MDL Verano Super Slim Fan Coil: Lower your energy costs with this low-maintenance and slim-design cooling system. The EC motor represents the ultimate in emergency efficiency, with a savings of 30 to 50% compared to traditional AC motors. When operating in auto mode, energy savings go up to 70% without compromising on indoor comfort levels.

The following best practices can help these systems operate even more efficiently, maximizing your cost savings:

  • Close blinds and curtains on hot days to keep the sun’s rays from heating up the indoor temperatures.
  • Clean vents regularly to prevent dust buildup from impeding airflow in the rooms.
  • Inspect the windows and doors regularly for any drafts or leaks, both of which can cause energy loss.
  • Follow manufacturer recommendations for maintaining your heating and cooling systems.  

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