Heating and Cooling Accessories

A heating and cooling system accounts for almost 60% of the energy consumption in any given area. Therefore, you need to install HVAC systems that will provide an energy-efficient solution that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Many HVAC systems and heating and cooling accessories are available in the current market. The utilization and demand in commercial and residential areas have also drastically increased. The entire purpose of these heating and cooling accessories is to create a comfortable environment for you by maintaining the desired temperature within a confined space.

Although a basic HVAC system includes only a heater and an air conditioner, there are many heating and cooling accessories available to improve heating, cooling, and the quality of air in the desired space. These accessories will also boost the performance of your heating and cooling system significantly. 

Various Heating and Cooling Solutions

MDL Solutions offers numerous heating and cooling solutions to many of their users. Our HVAC service strives to build the perfect system that is tailored according to your exact needs. We specialize in designing and manufacturing many heating and cooling accessories for various high-end architectural designs. 

Benefits of Different Accessories

Heating and cooling accessories include heat pumps, manual and automatic air release valves, pressure by-pass valves, pressure reducing valves with Watermark, flow-switches, temperature and pressure gauges, safety relief valves, grille frames, and corrosion inhibitors. MDL Solutions offers many accessories that will meet any unique requirements you and your property may have. 

These accessories improve indoor air quality and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. These accessories are cost-saving and energy-efficient with electronically controlled motors. Furthermore, they can be soundproof, suitable for ceilings, walls, and floors in conjunction with well-regulated controls that allow for minimal energy consumption. Apart from that, MDL Solutions also offers heating and cooling accessories that can be compatible with home automation controls.

MDL Verano PTAC Heat Pump

With Optimized air discharge configurations, the MDL Verano PTAC Heat Pump has large axial blower wheels and lower blower speeds that result in lower sound levels in occupied spaces. Temperature sensors detect if the compressor or evaporator is too cold and then signals to stop the operation. In rapid-heat mode, electric heat can raise the room temperature fairly quickly. Once we achieve the required room temperature, the unit will revert to the standard heat pump mode.

MDL PDWS Slimline Series

MDL PDWS Slimline Series is an eco-friendly product that possesses a modulating valve control. As a result, the energy consumption is minimum. It also offers services that use unique features such as the sleep mode, auto fan speed, buzzer, low-temperature control, auto restart, and LED.

Color Grille Frames

MDL Solutions offers grille frames available in a wide range of grille colors, grille patterns, and grille materials. The frame is usually made up of aluminum and provides great aesthetic value to the product. However, due to improper installation of the frame assembly, the trench casing can be deformed. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the installation of your heater is done by our specialized team of installation experts.

Why Should You Choose MDL Solutions? 

Looking for available heating and cooling accessories in the market? You need to make sure that you are buying only from a reliable and credible source such as MDL Solutions. However, buying from an unreliable source means that you might be faced with the following issues:

  • The product will be of low quality, having poor insulation and adhesives used without any quality assurance. This will result in high electrical energy utilization in your HVAC system. 
  • Since the product will not be tested before transport or installation, the likelihood of flame spread and smoke generation can occur . 
  • Fan coils are more likely to develop molds and decrease in efficiency due to low maintenance.
  • Production of flue gases from condensing boilers. These gases turn into an acidic liquid that could eventually damage drains, outlet pipes, and the environment as well as your own health and safety. 

MDL Solutions pride themselves in offering high quality and efficient products, thus ensuring that their clients will not have to face any of the above mentioned issues. MDL Solutions manages the entire products’ manufacturing stage to ensure quality control. All heating and cooling accessories are checked for quality assurance at the factory before being transported. Moreover, they offer a neutralizer solution that will help in bringing the condensate to a safe pH level, in such a way to prevent any damages.

MDL Solutions offer many high-quality heating and cooling accessories that are equally important for maintaining an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Our team of experts are always available to help you choose the accessories for your specific project. Click here to go through our extensive product list. You can also contact us if you have any further questions regarding your HVAC system, products, and accessories.