Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Accessories and Products

Ventilation is a process that allows for the exchange of air between the internal and external environment, making it possible for the renewal of air within a space.

Heating, cooling, and ventilation accessories and products are created to regulate the temperature within a building. Air is drawn indoors and heated or cooled, and then it circulates the building, establishing the perfect and comfortable temperature. Selecting these accessories and products depends on the building’s structure and architectural design, weather conditions at the location, and your taste and budget. 

Many heating ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are in the market for use in all forms of structures and architectural designs, meeting both commercial and residential needs. The major essence of these heating, cooling, and ventilation accessories is to create a comfortable environment by meeting the desired temperature that suits the needs of anyone using the space.

MDL Solutions specializes in heating, cooling, and ventilation accessories and suitable products for various high-end architectural designs.

These accessories are energy-efficient with electronically controlled motors. Additionally, they are noiseless, suitable for ceilings, walls, and floors. Hence architectural designers can incorporate these HVAC systems into their drawings with ease. They also have well-regulated controls that allow for minimal energy consumption and are better adapted to the specific demand for power at all times.

Also, MDL Solutions’ heating, cooling, and ventilation accessories are compatible with home automation control that is increasingly used in home design.


Generally, these ventilation systems are used to control the temperature in a building. There are numerous heating, cooling, and ventilation accessories and products at MDL Solutions.

The various types of fan coil units available on the market differ mainly based on where to place the fan coil. The structure does not change between one type and another, but rather the positioning. They can be mounted on walls, inbuilt in the structure, or in the ceiling, adapting to the desired design and style of the space.

Let’s explore some!


The MDL Verano Bench Heater is made from oakwood, strong and resistant to mechanical damage, and hence, very durable. It is aesthetically appealing with its fully glazed finish. You can change the color to suit your taste and compliment your interior decorations. The Verano Bench Heater is fire resistant, a crucial feature when looking at heating products. The glazed surfaces on the sides can be used as advertising space, displaying your logo or simple advert just on the sides of the heat bench.


MDL Verano Highwall Fan Coil is a cooling system that operates quietly and efficiently. This system is fit for installation on walls in offices, at home, and in industrial spaces. This is the ideal solution for summer air conditioning and winter heating, whatever the type of room. These systems use a fan that draws in the air and pushes it through a filter. At this point, utilizing one or two heat exchange coils, the heat is removed and replaced with cool air. 

The body is made of galvanized steel sheet with zinc magnesium, which is appealing and suits all forms of interior decorations both at homes and offices. The maintenance is simple as the filters are easy to remove and wash. The air grille is movable; hence you can regulate airflow. Temperature changes can be regulated with remotes so you can maintain the environmental condition at your convenience. It also has an EC Motor, making it extremely energy-efficient.


In installing suspended ceilings for offices and malls, MDL Verano Horizontal mini AHU is a fantastic option. They are very functional if there are particular needs in terms of saving space. The double casing helps it operate quietly as you don’t want noise in your office. This ventilation system made with a DC motor has a thermostat that automatically reregulates the temperature.  The filter is accessible, so you can easily remove it for washing. You can customize with optional accessories like AC/EC thermostat, wired wall pad, electrical heating module, and so on.

Among the existing solutions for heating or cooling homes, offices, and industrial buildings, that of the fan coil is certainly a valid alternative solution to air conditioners, stoves, and radiators, especially in certain circumstances. For more information,  contact MDL Solutions.