Incorporating a Fan Coil System Into High-End Design

Beautiful architectural designs are evolving day by day. This is visible in many industrial, commercial, and residential structures. This article explores the incorporation of cooling fan coil systems in high-end designs. Read on!

Investors are beginning to opt for fan coil systems for cooling as real estate investments continue to grow. Also, the world has gone digital with the internet and social media. Now, almost all organizations use the internet and computers to perform major tasks. This is all thanks to technology. Additionally, there is a need for constant circulation of cool air in such an organization. 

Increased warmer temperatures have also increased the demand for cooling systems. With the continuous increase in global temperature, there is a need for cooling systems around us. As tourist centers are increasing, hoteliers are taking advantage of this, and hence they will need an effective cooling system for their luxury hotels.

The fan coil system is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential use. It can be incorporated in buildings where maximum space needs to be saved to avoid congestion, like hotels, industries, offices, conference halls, event centers, and showrooms. The fan coil system is an excellent supplement for centralized systems that need large surfaces to install equipment. 

Yet, some manufacturers take advantage of the cooling system’s demand, and hence they produce low-quality fan coil systems and sell at cheap rates.

With MDL Solutions, you can be sure to get a high-quality, energy-efficient fan coil system that suits your building. 


MDL Solutions cooling fan coil system has many benefits to fit into high-end designs, which include:

  • Being heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, they are simple and cheap to install.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Flexible so you can refashion to suit the building design.
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable 
  • Saves space; hence there is room for you to introduce more sophisticated stuff into your home/ office. 
  • The fan coil is adaptable to a heat pump or aerothermal.
  • The Electronically commuted (EC) fan coil is energy efficient and thus, cheaper hence you can increase your monthly savings. 


MDL Solutions gives you a series of cooling fan coil systems to suit your needs and designs. 

The MDL Verano Clima Trench Fan Coil is small but powerful as it produces a high cooling effect with no noise. Offices can use this fan coil with its heel proof aluminum, wooden or stainless grilles that supplies cool air, thus, achieving a much more sustainable architectural design. It can also be used in the kitchen to supply cool air in a hot environment. The color can be changed to fit the kitchen layout. The 20V DC fan coil has an EC motor and thus saves energy.

The Verano Super Slim Fan Coil is your best bet. It operates quietly, and the regulator helps to set a temperature that suits you to enhance your stay in the office and maintain the desired temperature. The ABS air filter is easy to clean by rinsing with water. The slim fan coil is suitable for any design as it can be placed both vertically and horizontally. It is also made with EC motors to help save energy. Fire-resistant insulators are internally fixed for thermal insulation. 

Companies now use glass walls instead of the regular small windows. Besides serving natural light for the day, these glass walls receive energy from the sun, accumulate it, and transmit the thermal energy inside. But, the MDL Verano Clima Super Slim Fan

Coil controls this thermal energy. It is suitable for installation on the floor, wall, or ceiling, serving aesthetic and cooling purposes.

The MDL PDWS Slimline Series is known for its quiet operation and top-notch efficiency. The top of the coil is well insulated. The EC motor helps to save energy. The air filter is easy to remove and wash. You can control the temperature and fan speed remotely to suit your needs. This fan coil is ideal for installation in a concealed ceiling and keeps the aesthetics of your building designs.
MDL solution gives the best heating and cooling system for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. Contact us today to explore more about the cooling fan coil system.