Low Voltage Fan Coils

Low Voltage fan coils offer a more economical way to regulate the temperature of your buildings. It is part of the HVAC system that controls the ambient temperature and the air quality inside your homes. It is designed with a simple set-up consisting of a heat exchanger (the coil) and the fan.

As an integral part of the heating, ventilation, and cooling system, fan coils are useful installations in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It is usually connected to a duct and a thermostat to regulate your rooms’ temperature and assist the inflow of air into your home. The thermostat works to control the fan speed and the movement of water into the coils.

In recent times, the low voltage fan coil units are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings. They are specially designed to conserve energy during operations. They are equipped with the latest electronically commutated motors (ECM) that utilize low voltage DC. As a result, these special fan coil units have reduced energy consumption and higher energy efficiency, and consequently, less cooling and heating costs.

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Benefits of Low Voltage Fan Coils

The fan coil unit offers a convenient way to condition the indoor air to your desired room temperature. The indoor air moves over the coil, raising or lowering the air temperature before sending it back into the rooms. With an installed fan coil unit, you can get more comfortable in your rooms, even during the extremes of winter or summer.

The low voltage fan coil is simple and easy to install. It is also more economical -in terms of cost and energy conservation- than other fresh air and central heating systems.

It is easily customizable; you can install your fan coils wherever you want them. The cooling and heating effects can also be adjusted to occur wherever you want them to.

While other fan coil units can be noisy and create vibrations, the low voltage fan coil units provided by MDL Solutions do not make any noise or cause any vibrations. It has a relatively silent operation characterized by low air turbulence.

There are a wide range of options available for you and among them are;

MDL Verano Cassette Fan Coil – PCG

The Verano Cassette Fan Coil – PCG is designed with lower voltage fan motors that employs 120V electrical connections. It is equipped with an EC motor, centrifugal fans, louvers, and a galvanized steel casing. It has limited LED diagnostics, infrared handset wireless controller, and internal connection points that allow for a free-flowing operation. This product is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to keep your ambient room temperature at the desired level.

MDL Verano Clima Trench Fan Coil – CVK

Enclosed in a galvanized trench casing, the MDL Verano Clima Trench Fan Coil works with a copper and aluminum heat exchanger, a 24V DC fan with an EC motor. It also comes equipped with an air vent, fan cover, and a connection space cover. It works with water systems; thus contains water and a drain kit that should connect to the sewage system. The trench casing can be customized to your desired color. It also contains an aesthetic heel-proof guile made of aluminum, wood, or stainless steel. This fan coil unit overall works quite efficiently.

MDL Ventilation Fan Coil- VCVK

The MDL Ventilation Fan Coil works with a high capacity copper-aluminum heat exchanger, 24V DC fan, and an EC motor- all enclosed in a trench casing. It is equipped with a built-in airflow modulator to control the flow of air into your rooms. It also comes with a fan cover, connection space cover, and strut assembly. It can work efficiently to raise or lower the room temperature based on your preference.

MDL Solutions: What We Do

We handle the manufacture, sales, and design of the best heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Our wide range of stock boasts of the best products which stand out among others in their class and are easy to install. MDL Solution takes pride in being able to provide customizable solutions and tackle every project uniquely.

We sell the best fan coil units, which are guaranteed to provide you with optimum thermal comfort even during the height of the summer or the dead of the winter. All of our products have installation cover to protect the fan coil unit from damage during transport and installation. Come take a look at MDL Solutions today to satisfy your low voltage fan coils needs.