Understanding Fan Coil Units


Fan Coil units are complex and there are many options.   The need for the supply of fresh air at a controlled temperature has increased significantly due to the growing trend of living in multi-story buildings and compact spaces. It’s not always easy to get good air ventilation because of certain factors that are attributed to living in buildings or compact spaces. As a result, the use of HVAC systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings has also heightened. Fan coil units are an important part of the HVAC system. Typically, it consists of a heating or a cooling coil and a fan. However, it requires regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and healthy indoor air quality.

What is a Fan Coil Unit (FCU)?

In simple terms, a fan coil unit is a device that uses a coil and a fan to either heat or cool a room without connecting to a ductwork system. A small supply of air is provided to each fan coil unit. When the air moves over the coil, it heats up or cools down the air, before being released into the confined space. This ensures adequate ventilation and also maintains the temperature of the area for any season.

The basic components of a fan coil unit include a heating/cooling coil, a fan section, and a filter. A fan coil unit can be wall-mounted, freestanding or ceiling mounted. Moreover, these units may be installed within a single space or connected to the ductwork to span over multiple areas. They can be easily controlled by a manual switch, thermostat, or building management system (BMS). When fan coil units are accompanied with cold water and hot water (from central boilers and chillers), they are usually referred to as two-pipe units (either heating or cooling) or four-pipe units (both heating and cooling). 

Increase In Popularity

Over the past few years, fan coil units have gained in popularity because of certain environmental and economical changes. This increase in demand is because of the need to provide an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for ventilation and maintaining refined air quality. MDL Solutions brings the most advanced HVAC solutions to the market. They provide fan coil units that utilize the latest in electronically commutated motors (ECM) and low voltage DC. This ensures peak electrical energy savings of up to 12-45% comparable to more expensive systems available in the market.

Types of Fan Coil Units

Our range of fan coil units are fully customizable to the client’s requirements. There are four types of fan coil units available such as; freestanding, vertical wall mounted, horizontal chassis within ceiling voids, or even encased in trenches. Ceiling void fan coils are optimal for new developments and are easy to conceal. Whereas wall mounted fan coils are the perfect solutions for low ceilings in housing and buildings. MDL Solutions offers many eco-friendly products that incorporate European designs and technology to ensure the utmost quality as well as electrical cost savings for its users. 

Benefits of fan coil units

MDL Solutions provide state of the art equipment for building management, property developers, commercial builders, institutions, and schools. Some of the benefits of having a fan coil unit includes: 

  • Highly energy efficient as it reduces heating and cooling expenses by up to 20%
  • Allows individual room-level control over temperature, without using any additional ducts
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Many customizable design options are available
  • Available in a wide range of grille colors, grille patterns, and grille materials

Specific uses of different fan coil units

MDL Solutions is defining the way buildings heat, cool, and ventilate. Their fan coil units utilize the latest in ECM and low voltage DC. This ultimately ensures optimal electrical energy savings in your HVAC system. Insulation and adhesives used in our products meet NFPA-90A requirements to prevent flame spread and smoke generation. Each unit is fully tested to ensure that it serves its purpose and guarantees the safety of its users. Additionally, an installation cover is provided to protect the fan coil unit from damage during transport and installation.

MDL Verano Super Slim Fan Coil is preferred by many architects and property developers, due to its unique design and the ease with which it can be retrofitted into any existing building.

MDL Verano Clima Trench Fan Coil can provide a quick heating or cooling system, compared to other similar products available in the market. Having a low water capacity and being only 24 V, these units are not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

Our unique manufacturing technology and high-quality products undergo continuous R&D processes when it comes to Fan Coil options. MDL Solutions oversees every step within the manufacturing process to ensure strict quality control. With our many years of experience within the industry, we can provide customizable solutions for every project. You can choose and order a fan coil unit that is most suitable for you. Our team of experts can guide you with advice or any  specialized consulting for your projects. Visit MDL Solutions to see more fan coil units as well as other HVAC products. If you require any further assistance or have any other questions and inquiries please feel free to contact us today.