Welcome to MDL Solutions

At MDL we are a knowledgeable and dedicated team.  Our customer service expectations are the top of the industry. Our Facilities include North American Warehousing and distribution which are combined with manufacturing of our Verano innovative Fan Coils, HRV Ventilation, Trench heating, Low level water convectors radiators and LST radiators as well as Climaconvectors, which are based on original research with a patent.  Our Fan Coils utilize the latest in ECM & low voltage DC for Optimal electrical energy savings in your HVAC system.

The main goal of our company is to build a leading position in innovative heating and cooling solutions in the North American market. MDL Solutions is environmentally friendly and takes pride about the nature in production and distribution process.  Proven research of our heating system shows energy saving (Cost  savings) of between 12 – 45% compared to other systems.

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