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About MDL Verano Company

Our unique manufacturing technology is a result of long term R&D works also on the foundation of products’ patent and certificates from the most reputable testing laboratories in the European Union. Our products are suitable for institutional commercial and residential buildings, especially where one would like to combine an exceptional aesthetic interior design, along with […]

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About the Factory

Verano is a manufacturer of innovative trench, free-standing and wall-mounted heating systems as well coil fan systems based on our own original scientific research and patent. VERANO heaters are manufactured in Poland, in our fully automated, modern production plant build completely from scratch. Our factory is based in Lublin, about 100km from the eastern border […]

About the People

We are a family-run company. We oversee all stages of design, development, production and distribution of our radiators. Our employees are creative, enthusiastic young people but are also proven staff with years of experience who enjoy their work and are proud of our innovative products made from the highest quality materials. The ideal subdivision of […]

Featured Projects

View our latest and greatest projects

At MDL we take high pride in the products we offer and the service we deliver. Please take a moment to view our Project Portfolio page. Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us today!

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Green Energy

Ecological thinking!

We consider our manufacturing business as environmentally friendly and we take care with all of the ecological aspect of our production technology. Our main business goal is a leading market share in the segment of innovative heating of HVAC industry. Our proven and patented technology, which is based on continuous R&D processes, which may bring […]

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Product News

Introducing the Caliente

Hot summer, vacation, holidays and the best possible atmosphere. It is for this carefree time you miss the cool days of sitting at work, school or home. Regardless of where you are we want you to always be able to feel the summer heat. Invariably we create a good atmosphere. We have designed a completely […]

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Business News

The best in the business

Technically exceptional performance data of Varano trench heating and convector radiators have been confirmed during independent tests provided by Centrum Stavebniho lnzenyrstvi Prague, Technicky Skusobny Ustav Piestany and Dutsches lnstitut fur Bautechnik in Stuttgart. The trench heater and convection radiator from Verano have been designed for using in domestic or light commercial buildings, whereas such […]

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