About Us

Manufacture, Sales and Design only the most energy efficient – energy saving – heating cooling ventilation equipment!

Incorporated in Canada during 2008, our family business combines several main achievements and ideology from European Ancestry dating back over 250 years. During those times land procurement, transportation and property management was our focus.  Today our growth in North America  largely comes from understanding our customers need to build the highest quality, most energy efficient, leading edge properties. Our success in large part comes from Condo developers, Building management, Commercial Builders and Institutional (schools).  A special team has been developed to work on residential projects.

The core of the business is state of the art equipment as well as partnering with traditional products that are the most efficient in their class, but also the most economical to install compared to other products in their class.  Our Manufacturing solutions are European/ North American / Hong Kong based enabling products to be state of the art upon arrival to North America.  All products are ETL/ UL or CSA listed.

We also point our compass at Architects, Engineers And Installing Contractors. We do it with flair by offering options a lot of options.  We provide customizable solutions and tackle every project uniquely.  We are defining the way buildings  heat, cool and ventilate.  This requires revolutionizing products with intensive R&D and our unique manufacturing and global partners understand this. To Bring the most advanced HVAC solutions to the market has enabled our MDL Solutions to be supported by some of the most prestigious buildings and people around the world.