Nancy, France – Tree Planting

Coddiwomple is a great way to see the world and meet new people! Today was a special day during the Lublin to Dublin Coddiwomple tour. Eoghan was invited to Nancy, France City Hall to sit with the Deputy Mayor discussing cycling, infrastructure, and the environment. It was a very good exchange and an interesting way to spend a day!  

This ride is to bring awareness to Protect Earth a charity that plants lots and lots of trees.  Make a donation today by clicking here.   The journey continues through to Dublin! 

Nancy, France - Tree planting

Verano Global is a proud sponsor of the Lublin to Dublin Coddiwomple, which stopped in Nancy, France today. As part of the event, Verano Global gave Eoghan the chance to plant an oak tree in support of climate change. Verano Global believes that everyone has a responsibility to take action on climate change, and planting a tree is one simple way to make a difference. Verano Global is committed to doing its part to protect the planet, and its products are designed to be energy efficient and have zero carbon emissions. But Verano Global knows that it takes more than just individual action to make a real difference – it takes a collective effort. That’s why Verano Global is proud to support the Lublin to Dublin Coddiwomple and its efforts to raise awareness about climate change and protect Earth.