Heating up the Harley Davidson Showroom

One of MDL Solutions’ newly completed projects is the Harley-Davidson showroom in Rzeszow, one of the largest cities in southeastern Poland. This is the first fully licensed showroom in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. The 1150 sqm facility displays both the original models of Harley motorcycles and the award-winning customized Game Over Cycles (GOC) models.

With many materials involved in the creation of these classic and iconic motorcycles, the showrooms must be perfectly climate-controlled in order to preserve the bikes and keep them in peak conditions, as well as providing a comfortable viewing experience for potential customers. The showroom, designed to recreate the iconic Harley image, is able to maintain optimal temperatures due to MDL Solutions’ fan assisted trench heaters (VKN5) and Ver-24 room temperature controllers. 

MDL Solutions’ trench heaters are ideal for both maintaining ideal showroom temperatures and being customizable in design. The trench heating system operates through the floor rather than standard wall radiators, and the “grille” which finishes the whole system is a key design feature. The grilles in the Harley Davidson showroom complement the look and feel of the showroom; simple yet elegant and luxurious, while the custom lettering on the grilles serves as decoration and to label the different parts of the showroom. 

These exceptional showrooms are the perfect way to showcase the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycles, and MDL Solutions’ heating and ventilation equipment are the ideal complement to the aesthetic of the room and the Harley Davidson brand. With smooth efficiency, and high precision temperature control, MDL Solutions continues to provide excellent service through state of the art equipment.