Incorporating Heating and Cooling Solutions Into High-End Design

Incorporating Heating and Cooling Solutions Into High-End Design

These days, high-end design in both residential and commercial settings calls for a unique combination of comfort and superior aesthetic value. These properties may not be mansions, but they have certain architectural touches that offer occupants a high-level living and working experience.

If you’re an architect designing one of these buildings or an investor planning to purchase one, it’s important to understand what makes them high-end. In this blog, MDL Solutions will go over the architectural trends that add luxury to a property and how you can incorporate heating and cooling solutions smoothly into the design.

Outstanding Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the highest-value rooms in an upscale family home, and they’re nearly as important in an office building. Most modern kitchens seamlessly combine convenient functions and high tech with style and quality. This means:

  • Streamlined designs and alternative materials that turn the space into a place to relax, hang around with family members or colleagues, and socialize.
  • An open-concept design that combines the food preparation area with the dining location. This is one of the reasons why kitchen islands continue to be so popular.
  • Technology integrated into every appliance and function, from the fridge to the faucets and even the overhead lighting.

Kitchens can generate a lot of heat, but our MDL Verano Clima Trench Fan Coil offers visually discreet cooling control. Its decorative frame and heel-proof grille can be powder-coated in any RAL colour or made to resemble wood. It blends so smoothly into the overall kitchen design that occupants will feel -but not see- the difference!

Glass Walls

Glass isn’t just for square windows any more. Both residential and commercial design projects call for tall glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and make ideal use of natural light for as long as possible during the day.

Under normal circumstances, ductwork can obstruct these glass facades, but the MDL Verano Trench Heater is one of our most popular heating and cooling solutions because it keeps interior temperatures comfortable even at the height of an Ontario winter. It’s also energy-efficient, so that beautiful wintertime view won’t inflate the owner’s energy bill.

Sophisticated and Smart Bathrooms

A luxury bathroom is a must-have in higher-end homes. Sleek vanities, modern toilet designs, and uniquely-shaped bathtubs are all popular, along with convenient storage spaces, alcove walls, and chic accessories. We’re also seeing more homeowners requesting special add-ons like mood lighting, smart, energy-efficient faucets, and even touch mirrors that double as televisions!

In our opinion, our MDL Verano Towel Heater is a heating and cooling solution designed to meet the demands of modern homeowners. It’s decorative enough to blend easily into the most upscale bathroom design but has the optimum heat output for keeping towels at the perfect temperature. Nothing is more ideal or desirable, especially during the height of winter.

Heating and Cooling Zones

Some high-end commercial spaces have heating and cooling needs that vary from one room to the next. One common example is fine dining, where heated kitchens keep the chefs and food prep personnel warm without HVAC input but the manager’s office, customer bathrooms, and other areas need a reliable heat source.

Our MDL Verano Pedestal is a floor-mounted convector that delivers heat in spaces where trench heating or wall-mounted units are not an option. It’s compact enough to fit in smaller offices or bathrooms but will provide enough heat to keep occupants comfortable. Their appearance can be customized for easy blending into their surroundings, so that they become part of the room design.

In conclusion, high-end designs have distinct features that ordinary homes and commercial properties don’t have. By integrating the most modern technologies, which includes state-of-the-art heating and cooling solutions, you’ll deliver results that clients will love.

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