MDL Solutions – proud sponsors of the Hamilton Huskies

Running a successful business means giving back to the community whenever possible, and MDL Solutions is no exception. Incorporated in Canada since 2008, MDL Solutions is a family business focused on building the highest quality properties with energy efficient products such as heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

MDL Solutions is proud that they are joining the likes of Tim Hortons and Scotiabank in becoming sponsors of the Hamilton Huskies Hockey Club. The HHH Club provides a space for competitive hockey for the city of Hamilton.

The origin of the “Huskies” name goes back to when the Hamilton Minor Hockey Association (HMHA) was founded in 1971. The organization was meant to bring the management of all minor hockey in the City of Hamilton under one roof. Although there were changes to the “Huskies” name over the years, it eventually became a staple as the children of Huskies Alumni began to play on the Huskies team or join the coaching ranks. The permanence of the club and team name was formalized with the design of a new logo and website.

The HHH Club has several clear goals: developing and promoting competitive hockey from Tyke to Junior levels, providing opportunities to talented players, nurturing the skills of competitive players, and improving the physical and social wellbeing of all players. All participants, based on ability, are able to compete for championships and graduate to university, Junior or professional hockey. Regardless of age, all players, under the guidance of the HHH Club, are encouraged to develop sportsmanship, friendship and discipline – skills that contribute to positive character building in competitive hockey and all other aspects of life.

Running a family business doesn’t just involve maintaining good business practices, but also giving support to the same community that contributed to our success! Just as the core of our business involves state of the art equipment as well as partnering with traditional products, we understand that the key to success means teamwork and working together towards the same goal.

True success comes from a desire to “win fairly, not at all costs”, a philosophy of competitive hockey that MDL Solutions is proud to help uphold for many years to come.