Trench fan coil unit- Easy Install

Let’s face it: installing a new HVAC system not only takes time but can also be quite the puzzle to figure out. Fortunately, MDL Solutions has got you covered! Their professional-grade trench fan coil products make installation easier than ever and won’t compromise when it comes to performance.

So just how easy is setting up your system?

What benefits will choosing this type of set-up kick in for buildings like yours?

Worry no more— we’ll answer these questions (and then some!) so that your building can enjoy excellent heating and cooling without all the hassle!

Say goodbye to bulky, outdated HVAC systems! Trench fan coil unit take comfort and convenience to the next level – they are installed in a shallow trench that runs along your floor. Not only is this type of system discreet and low-profile, it also packs quite a punch when it comes to providing reliable heating & cooling year round.

Trench fan coil unit require careful installation for optimum performance. The process starts with site preparation, which involves the digging of a trench to house the system and setting up any insulating or vapor barriers needed. Next comes system installation – inserting coils in the trench along with a fan unit and connecting all necessary ducts – before continuing on to installing electrical wiring and control systems connected back into your main building electricity line! Afterward is testing and commissioning where experts make sure everything works properly so you don’t have bad days due to faulty AC units later down the track.

Why choose a trench fan coil system over a traditional HVAC system? There are several key benefits, including:

  1. Efficency: Investing in a trench fan coil system is an excellent way to maximize energy efficiency and reduce heat loss! The lack of ductwork or piping helps decrease wasted energy, so you’ll save money as well.
  2. Comfort: Trench fan coil systems provide even and consistent heating and cooling throughout the building, resulting in a comfortable indoor climate for occupants.
  3. Aesthetics: Trench fan coil units are a discrete and subtle addition to any building, tucked neatly away thanks to their shallow trench installation. A great way of keeping spaces cool (or warm!) without compromising the look or feel!
  4. Flexibility: Trench fan coil units have the flexibility to be customized for each unique building – making sure all of your specific heating and cooling needs are taken care of effectively!.

Ready to upgrade your building? MDL Solutions offers a trench fan coil unit that can provide easy installation, energy-efficiency and comfort without disrupting occupants. Plus, it’s customizable so you get the right solution for your needs. Don’t wait – contact us today about our range of products for perfect indoor climate!