Waidhaus, German – Coddiwomple

Eoghan is leaving Waidhaus, Germany on his cycling adventure from Lublin to Dublin to raise awareness for Protect Earth. Eoghan will be cycling for about 6 weeks and has asked for people to help him raise $100,000.

Eoghan’s journey will be followed by many and he hopes to inspire others to take action in saving the environment. Eoghan has picked Protect Earth because they are a non-profit whose goal is to “reversing environmental destruction and climate change” by planting lots and lots of trees.

Eoghan has been an avid cyclist since 2016 and has always had a passion for the environment. This trip is very important to Eoghan and he hopes that through his efforts, he can make a difference. Eoghan’s ultimate goal is to plant lots of trees and help save the environment. You can learn more about Eoghan’s journey and donate by clicking here.

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