Apple Store – Brooklyn, NY

The Apple Store in Brooklyn, New York, is a marvel of modern architecture. The tall glass facade and sleek interior design create a calming and inviting atmosphere for shoppers and Apple enthusiasts alike. But what many people don’t realize is that the HVAC solution that supports this stunning facility is just as important to its overall success.

That’s where MDL solutions by Verano comes in. Our patented cooling and heating trench fan coil solution was selected to provide the necessary airflow throughout the Apple Store in Brooklyn. The trench heating system is a unique solution that allows for the tall glass facade to be unobstructed by ductwork, supporting the architectural requirement for an uncluttered and visually stunning space.

One of the main benefits of our trench heating system is its ability to provide a quiet and calming atmosphere. With the Apple Store in Brooklyn being a space designed for customers to come and explore the latest products and technology, it was essential that the HVAC system not be a distraction or annoyance to visitors. Our product was able to meet this requirement and create a comfortable and inviting space for shoppers.

During the design development phase of the Apple Store in Brooklyn, MDL solutions was consulted to assist in developing an aesthetic yet functional HVAC solution. We worked closely with the architects and engineers to ensure that our trench heating system would seamlessly integrate with the overall design of the store. This collaboration allowed us to create a system that not only provided the necessary heating and cooling, but also looked and felt great in the space.

The result of this collaboration is a stunning Apple Store in Brooklyn that has become a landmark in the area. Its sleek design and calming atmosphere are a testament to the importance of well-designed HVAC solutions. MDL solutions by Verano is proud to have played a role in creating this iconic space, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions for future projects.

The Apple Store in Brooklyn, New York, is an example of how attention to detail and collaboration can create a space that is both functional and visually stunning. MDL solutions by Verano’s trench heating system was able to support the architectural vision of the store while also providing the necessary heating and cooling. The result is a space that is inviting, comfortable, and inspiring for visitors

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