Why use a Fan Coil System?

This article will explain to the public what a fan coil system is, why it is used, and how MDL Solutions products will enhance your next building project.

What is a fan coil?

A fan coil unit (FCU), in its most basic terms, is a device that uses a coil and a fan to either heat or cool a room.  Recirculated indoor air moves over the coil, which either heats or cools the air before pushing it directly back out into the room. Fan coil systems can be for heating, cooling, or both, and requires no additional ductwork.  

Due to their simplicity, FCUs are more economical to install than ducted air management units. Traditionally, fan coil units were noisy and could create vibrations, however, the modern FCUs provided by MDL Solutions are sleek, silent, and insulated for both heat transfer and vibrations.

The mechanics of a fan coil system are fairly simple. Depending on the time of year, the supply pipe delivers either cold or hot water through the network of copper-aluminium pipes encased in the unit.  Air enters the unit and the thermal energy from the piped water is then transferred to the air, thus changing the air’s temperature before being released back into the room.

Why use a fan coil system?

Fan coil units offer ideal functionality to places where heating and cooling requirements are concentrated or on a room-by-room basis, such as offices, showrooms, hotel rooms and condominiums.  Fan coil systems are used to condition the local air to suit the temperature requirements of the immediate space.  The fan coil systems offered by MDL Solutions utilize the latest in electronically commutated motors (ECM) and low voltage DC to ensure peak electrical energy savings in your HVAC system.  Research has shown that the heating systems supplied by MDL Solutions offer 12-45% energy savings compared to other equitable systems on the market.

Fan coil units can be freestanding, mounted on walls or ceilings or encased in trenches along the perimeter of a room. The horizontal fan coil systems supplied by MDL Solutions incorporate European designs and technologies.  Highly-anticipated exclusive condominiums are enticed by the customisable finishes. For example, the Art Shoppe Condos in Toronto and the 75 Kenmare homes in the trendy NoLita district of New York City both utilized Verano by MDL Solutions for their heating and cooling needs. 

One of the main features of horizontal fan coils supplied by MDL Solutions is the efficient heating and cooling coil exchanger made of aluminum fins and copper pipe.  Due to the low water capacity, MDL Verano Clima Trench Fan Coil can achieve exceptionally low thermal inertia. Therefore, heating or cooling a room becomes quicker than it would be when using other products on the market using. Being only 24 V, these units are economically efficient and amazingly quiet, and they limit your project’s carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of a fan coil system?

Fan coil systems provided by MDL Solutions offer numerous benefits for architects, contractors or home-owners, including:

  • Energy efficiency – reducing heating and cooling expenses
  • Flexible and customizable design options
  • Ability to mitre corners
  • Ability to be customized to go around curves
  • Can be installed across the threshold of patio doors, concertina doors or French doors
  • Heating and cooling will occur exactly where you want it
  • Ease of installation 
  • Trench grids can be walked over immediately after installation
  • Ideal for floor to ceiling glazing and conservatories as will limit condensation 
  • Easy access and low maintenance requirements 
  • Easy cleaning requirements
  • Silent operation
  • Can be used in conjunction with other heating and cooling methods or stand-alone
  • Space saving options
  • Enables the use of any finished materials for your floor including wood, carpet, tile, laminate flooring or rugs
  • Discrete integration with your flooring of choice
  • Low air turbulence means fewer dust and allergens are circulating in the room
  • Limits the likelihood of hot or cold spots or draughts in a room
  • Available in a wide range of grille colours
  • Available in a wide range of grille patterns
  • Available in a wide range of grille materials
  • Anique and customizable grill patterns

What types of fan coils are available?

The team at MDL Solutions are available to offer support and technical guidance in regards to what products are best for your upcoming building project. There is an array of fan coil systems available which are sleek, quiet and modern. The MDL Verano Super Slim Fan Coil can be easily retrofitted into any existing building, and is a top choice for architects and property developers. Office buildings will enjoy the reduction in their carbon footprint by installing the MDL Verano Cassette Fan Coil which offers zone control ventilation with an energy efficient 24V signal.

MDL Solutions provides state of the art heating and cooling equipment for building management, property developers, commercial builders, institutions and schools. If you’re interested in learning more about fan coil systems, please contact MDL Solutions today. The MDL Solutions team can assist with advice and specialized consulting for your future projects.