What is Trench Heating and What are the Benefits Associated With Trench Heating?

Benefits Associated with Trench Heating

Trench heating is a highly adaptable in-floor heating system, often incorporated into the design of domestic and commercial buildings.  It can be used as the primary heat source or alongside other modern heating options such as underfloor heating.  Whether the project is a stand-alone residence, a large condominium, a showroom, or a school, it is likely that the alluring design options combined with the efficiency and economic benefits of trench heating, will outweigh those of other traditional heat sources.

In this article, we highlight the benefits of trench heating, while explaining how the heating system works and why it is a great option for your next building project. 

What is trench heating?

Trench heating is a comprehensive heating solution that is installed into furrows dug beneath the floor where the insulated steel box casing is discreetly hidden away from view.  Generally, this heating system is installed around the perimeter of a room. However, it is highly adaptable depending on your needs and your space. For example, it can be installed up a flight of stairs if desired. 

Once the system is installed, the trenches will be flush with the floor for a seamlessly smooth esthetic, apart from the unobtrusive grille. Trench heating is a favoured heat source for architects, designers and contractors due to the ease of installation, energy efficiency and adaptability. 

How does trench heating work?

Trench heating works by drawing cold air down through the grilles and into the trenches. The air is then warmed over a copper and aluminum heat exchanger and rises to heat the room by convection, allowing the entire room to be warmed evenly from floor to ceiling.  The size of the trench defines the amount of heat that is produced by the heating system, and it is affected by the width and depth of the unit installed.  MDL Verano Trench Heaters, supplied by MDL Solutions, are highly customizable to your heating needs and preferred esthetic.  Increased airflow is possible with the installation of a simple and subtle fan system within the trench.

Temperature is controlled either by thermostatic valves, an optional built-in VER-24 controller or by using a system of wall-mounted controllers.  A free application for mobile devices allows remote control of the temperature in any respective room.  With the use of the mobile app, you will be able to intelligently adjust the temperature of your rooms no matter where you are.

What are the benefits of trench heating?

Trench heating provides numerous benefits for the architects, contractors or home-owners. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Energy efficiency reduces heating costs
  • Heat is produced at floor level and circulates evenly throughout the room
  • Flexible design with customizable trench length and width
  • Ability to mitre corners
  • Ability to be customized to go around curves
  • Can be installed across the threshold of patio doors, concertina doors or French doors
  • Heat occurs exactly where you want it
  • Ease of installation when incorporated into new buildings
  • The grids can be walked over immediately after installation
  • Ideal for floor to ceiling glazing and conservatories as it will limit condensation 
  • Easy access and low maintenance requirements 
  • Easy cleaning requirements
  • Silent operation
  • Can be used in conjunction with other heating methods or stand-alone
  • Space saving – furniture or stock can be placed where you want as there are no radiators to reduce your wall space
  • Ability to use any materials for your floor including wood, carpet, tile, laminate flooring or rugs
  • Discrete integration with your flooring of choice
  • Low air turbulence means fewer dust and allergens are circulating in the room
  • Limits the likelihood of cold spots or draughts in a room
  • Available in a wide range of grille colours
  • Available in a wide range of grille patterns
  • Available in a wide range of grille materials
  • Unique and customizable grill patterns available

It is important to remember that the trenches will require regular cleaning as the dust collects in the trenches. This can be easily done with a standard vacuum cleaner.  

Trench heating is preferably incorporated into the design of new buildings because the trenches need to be included in the floorplans.  It is possible to cut and implement these during renovations, however, this will significantly add to the building costs.  

Alternatives to trench heating

The MDL Verano Pedestal – SCV, supplied by MDL Solutions, provides the ideal solution to updating the heating system of an existing building.  The floor-mounted convector incorporates a contemporary design with a customizable appearance, as well as the energy efficiency of the copper-aluminium heat exchanger that the brand is known for.  The unit comes in a standard powder white colour, which can be customized with a variety of grille and colour options.  Lengths range from 34.5-101.5 inches. The use of a room controller and actuators allow for the simultaneous control of several convectors and scheduling their operation.  In addition, the mobile application allows you to monitor and control your home, office, or showroom temperature from anywhere. 

MDL Solutions is a Canadian company incorporated in 2008.  For more than a decade, this family business has provided customizable heating solutions to clients including property developers, building management, commercial contractors, institutions, and schools.  The company’s focus is on modern, high-quality, energy-efficient, and energy-saving products that will seamlessly integrate into your design and lifestyle.  Contact MDL Solutions today to learn more about how we can help provide technical advice and specialized consulting for your next project.

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